Snorkeling Videos

Snorkeling Videos

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Santa Maria Cabo Verde    Ilha Do Sal     Snorkeling In The South Of IslandSanta Maria Cabo Verde Ilha Do Sal Snorkeling In The South Of Island

Ilha do sal un'isola dell'arcipelago di capo verde. il suo nome significa isola del sale. il nome sal divenne di uso comune solo dopo la scoperta e lo sfru...

Maldives Snorkeling Tips For BeginnersMaldives Snorkeling Tips For Beginners

Tips for safe snorkeling in the maldives. whether staying in kurumba or another maldives resort, this video will give you some good pointers on how to make t...

Diving And Snorkeling Koh Lipe, Thailand Gopro Hero3Diving And Snorkeling Koh Lipe, Thailand Gopro Hero3

Diving and snorkeling koh lipe, thailand, andaman sea november 2012 ocean pro divers camera gopro hero 3 silver edition.

How To Snorkel Successfully In FloridaHow To Snorkel Successfully In Florida to successfully snorkel you must follow my 12 golden rules. i only published 3 of the most key. the missing 7 are just as ...

Maldives   Embudu  Diving And SnorkelingMaldives Embudu Diving And Snorkeling

Snorkeling and diving from the beach at embudu village maldives. july 2011.

Best Oahu SnorkelingBest Oahu Snorkeling

This video is a composite of the best snorkeling dive sites off the island of oahu to give you a feel for what to expect. this pov video of oahu snorkeling w...

How To Snorkel, Snorkeling Class For BeginnersHow To Snorkel, Snorkeling Class For Beginners

Join angie treasure from as she takes a beginner snorkeling class to learn some of the basics and has a great time at adventure west s...

Us Divers   Snorkeling 101Us Divers Snorkeling 101

With your new snorkeling gear, you're about to enter a world of wonder, natural beauty and fun snorkeling's easy something friends, couples or the whole f...

Snorkeling In Spooky Channel    Roatan, Honduras 2013Snorkeling In Spooky Channel Roatan, Honduras 2013

An underwater videography of a vacation trip to roatan, honduras. filmed with a gopro and eye of mine flat lens housing. edited in final cut pro x. video & m...

Great Barrier Reef Dive &  Snorkel   Port Douglas AustraliaGreat Barrier Reef Dive & Snorkel Port Douglas Australia

Join me for the experience of a lifetime diving and snorkeling the great barrier reef off the coast of port douglas with poseidon reef cruises.

Scuba Diving &  Snorkeling   How To Use A SnorkelScuba Diving & Snorkeling How To Use A Snorkel

A snorkel is used by placing one end in your mouth, threading it through a snorkel mask and letting the open end stay above the surface of the water. use a s...

Snorkeling For River TreasureSnorkeling For River Treasure

Https user aquachigger in this video i check out a spot in the river that supposedly has silver coins scattered about. i don't use a metal ...

Cozumel SnorkelingCozumel Snorkeling

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Gopro Hero3  Black  Snorkeling   Kona, HawaiiGopro Hero3 Black Snorkeling Kona, Hawaii

Shot 100% on the new gopro hero3 black. two step, kona hawaii. big island. 11 28 13. check out also check out my new video 6 months of ha...

Sharm El Sheikh Snorkeling Gopro 3Sharm El Sheikh Snorkeling Gopro 3

Sentido reef oasis beach hotel snorkeling on the reef using a gopro 3 hero 3 black at 1080p 60 fps no music copyright infringement intended.

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